I’ve been watching the show Lost. I’m a decade late but I’m happy I’m watching it.

They’re on an island. They have no responsibilities.

Life is simple. They eat fruit. They don’t go to the restroom.

Yes, there are alien-like imposters that hunt them, but that’s all fine compared to…

I Understand Among Us Now

The first time I played I didn’t understand.

I would just run around and press the “Emergency Meeting” button

And then say “I think blue is the imposter.”

Just because, you know, it’s fun to make accusations. There’s a freedom to it.

Plus blue has…

What am I honestly supposed to do?

Being bored is a privilege

Being alive is a choice

I used to always get high to pass time. But then I did nothing and got nowhere and got stuck doing things I don’t like doing.

Now I’m focused on writing and creating…

Ben Palmer

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