I’m Bored As Shit

What am I honestly supposed to do?

Being bored is a privilege

Being alive is a choice

I used to always get high to pass time. But then I did nothing and got nowhere and got stuck doing things I don’t like doing.

Now I’m focused on writing and creating stuff that makes people laugh.

Sometimes I don’t feel anything though, so I can’t be funny.

Then I should go for a walk, but it’s snowing outside.

And I can’t play basketball with friends cuz of COVID.

So I’m here writing this thing because I ended up on Medium.

And I want to make something different than what I’m usually doing.

I’m listening to Chance the Rapper’s Acid Rap

The song is Acid Rain.

So I’m writing this with that beat in the background.

That’s why I keep using spaces, cuz it kind of works with the ryhthm of the song.

But you’re not listening to it are you?

So what does this even read like.

I want to do something different

I want to have a huge impact

The thing I want most is to be free

To be able to do whatever I want

and for my wife to be able to do whatever she wants.

That’s the ultimate goal

What would we all do if we all had unlimited free time?

Like our 24 hours was really our 24 hours?

I wonder what our world would look like.

Do you think we’ll be looked back on as when civilization was enslaved

to corporations

and people who need our 9 to 5.

It’s depressing to me.

How we live our whole healthy lives giving our time and energy and bodies to someone else.

And then when it’s time, hopefully, if we’re lucky, to retire, and have some free time.

We’re old as fuck. We can’t go play basketball or stay up all night drinking and partying.

Hangovers are unbearable.

Everything is slower and people don’t respect you.

And you’re invisible.

Until you get a visit from a family member or something.

Fuck man.

I’ll see everyone at the end.

When we’re all finished doing our daily activities.

We’re going to be gone and then no one’s going to know what we even went through.

Remember the last guy that did this thing?

Remember that guy?

Man was he something.

Even the most important people, or the people who contributed the most to society.

Honestly who gives a fuck about Thomas Edison?

Did you spend your day thinking about him?

Notoriety and impact is all just like water down a drain.

Maybe the secret lies in the ocean.

Maybe we should go live under there and just float

Until we have nothing

And our minds are free

And healed from the things that plague us.

Well good, I’m glad I got this first entry on Medium out of the way.

Real real good.

Glad we had this chat.

Hope it brightened your day?

Hope it made you feel less alone.

Cuz then it gives me purpose, somehow.

And then maybe somehow I’ll make enough money to go live in the ocean.

Maybe you can visit if you escape.

See you there!